Quality and Environment

In this section you will gain a brief insight into our quality management.




We feel obliged to our customers to provide the best quality, as the safety of our customers depends on the quality of our products. For protecting a constant high quality we established a quality management system. We arranged this QMS according to ISO 9001:2015 and certified it by DEKRA.

Our aim is to achieve freedom from defects in all products and services delivered by us. The efforts of our quality management are targeted at improving the processes and procedures and integrates the motivation, the know-how and the experience of our employees.

PRMOur customers set the quality standards under consideration of effective regulations and rules! We are planning our quality and therefore we realize regular checks with our testing machine or in external laboratories. Our most important products are certified and approved by TÜV respectively BG Verkehr. Our close collaboration with those institutions and regular tests are our warranty for a 100% quality and safety.

We advise you here our QM-certificate!


It is our objective Child and man holding Earth in handsto preserve our environment for upcoming generations. For this reason we make sure that throughout the entire production process, raw materials and energies are economized. Of course, we are fully compliant with environmental regulations. Furthermore, we develop products which lead to ongoing savings due to longevity and efficiency during use. Examples are our lashing straps DuroLash und round slings Performance PLUS