Lifting belts


Lifting belts

duplex (double ply) consists out of polyester webbing and reinforced lifting eyes,

safety factore (SF) 7:1

Belts are manufactured to EN1492-1 respectively Form B2 to EN 1492-1

chafer is differented in colours in compliance with the European standard EN 1492-1 (up to 4t, from 5t blue)

Art-Nr.WLL in kgFarbeBandbreiteLängeAnfrage
MC0100x1.000violett30/50 mmab 1 m
MC0200x2.000grün60 mmab 1 m
MC0300x3.000gelb90 mmab 1 m
MC0400x4.000grau120 mmab 2 m
MC0500x5.000rot150 mmab 2 m
MC0600x6.000braun180 mmab 2 m
MC0800x8.000blau240 mmab 3 m
MC1000x10.000orange300 mmab 3 m
MC1200x12.000orange300 mmab 3 m
MC1500x15.000orange300 mmab 3 m
x...length in meter (m)