Lifting slings (simplex)


Lifting slings (simplex)

single layer, made out of polyester webbing,

endless lifting slings

Safety Factor 7

SHZ lifting slings are manufactured according to EN1492-1

Form A2 respectively EN 1492-1

Colour coded in accordance with Bandfarbe EN 1492-1

product codeWLL in kgcolourwidtheffective working lengthenquiry
HS01000xXXXX1000purple30/50 mmfrom 0,5 m
HS02000xXXXX2000green60 mmfrom 0,5 m
HS03000xXXXX3000yellow90 mmfrom 0,5 m
HS04000xXXXX4000grey120 mmfrom 0,5 m
HS05000xXXXX5000red150 mmfrom 1,0 m
HS06000xXXXX6000brown180 mmfrom 1,0 m
HS08000xXXXX8000blue240 mmfrom 1,0 m
HS10.000xXXXX10000orange300 mmfrom 1,05 m
XXX...peripheral length in millimeter (m)