Lifting slings


Lifting slings

double layer, consists out of polyester

webbing with d-rings at both ends.

Safety Factor (SF) 7

Lifting slings are manufactured in compliance with EN1492-1/ d-rings in accordance with EN 1677-4

Form C2 in compliance with EN 1492-1 Colour –coded in accordance with EN 1492-1

Lifting slings are suitable for all applications with a high rate of wear as the rings are more resistant than usual textile slings.

The webbing is also available with protective sleeves or jacket.





product codeWLL in kgcolourwidthlengthenquiry
MCDD0100x1000purple30/50 mm1m and above
MCDD0200x2000green60 mm1 m and above
MCDD0300x3000yellow90 mm1m and above
MCDD0400x4000grey120 mm2m and above
MCDD0500x5000red150 mm2m and above
MCDD0600x6000brown180 mm2m and above
MCDD0800x8000blue240 mm2m and above
MCDD1000x10000orange300 mm2m and above
x...length in meter (m)