Ratchets 50 mm


Ratchets 50 mm

Ratchets to be used with 50 mm wide strap manufactured in compliance with EN 12195-2 ,

Ratchets 50 mm galvanised or black in colour,

Ratchets marked with LC and manufacturer -code

BS…breaking force

product codetypeBS (breaking strength) in daNpictureenquiry
RaZCG5long arm ratchet ERGO MAX5000
RaZCP5long arm ratchet ERGO PLUS5000
RaZCF5Ergo-long arm ratchet5000
RaZCL5BSC-ratchet (BSC function = Belt Slip Control)5000
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RaZC5ratchet Cargo5000
RaZK50-2.000ratchet Kuli 502000
RaZCWH-5.000ratchet with swivel hook5000
RaZCTH-5.000ratchet with triangle wire hook5000