Round slings-heavy duty


Round slings-heavy duty

With single reincorced polyester ply sleeve

Safety Factor (SF) 7/

Round slings are manufactured in compliance with EN1492-2

with safety label and sewn-in instruction manual. Please request also other lengths and sizes.

We would be happy to equip this type of round slings with a label protection.

product codeWLL in kgcoloureffective working lengthenquiry
RE120xx12000orangefrom 1,0 m up to 14 m
RE150xx15000orangefrom 1,0 m up to 14 m
RE200xx20000orangefrom 1,0 m up to 14 m
RE250xx25000orangefrom 2,0 m up to 14 m
RE300xx30000orangefrom 2,0 m up to 14 m
RE400xx40000orangefrom 2,0 m up to 14 m
RE500xx50000orangefrom 2,0 m up to 14 m
xx...useable length in meter (m) (e.g. 1,0 m -> or 1,5 m -> 15)