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The textile region of webbing characterises the industrial profile of Großröhrsdorf. This production makes the town famous as a provider for a lot of branches. Also far away to the boundaries of Saxony and Germany. To produce webbing is a tradition in Großröhrsdorf for more than 320 years. Since the beginning in 1680 to weave is getting more and more subsistence for a lot of families in and around Großröhrsdorf. The first manufactures were already founded in the second quarter of the 18. Century. Also the first mechanical loom was built in this town. During the 19. century in Großröhrsdorf works more than 32 webbing mills with over 1000 looms. So it was one of the biggest centres of webbing and belts in Europe. In 1874 there were 79 Companies in Großröhrsdorf in textile production.
In the year 1940 was here webbing produced you can twist more than 30 times round the equator. The German reunion in 1990 the textile industry in Großröhrsdorf broke completely down. Only some companies in Großröhrsdorf very successfully carry on the tradition of webbing and belt manufacturing.

In this tradition is the SHZ Sächsische Hebe-und Zurrtechnik GmbH. We produces items of textile for lifting and lashing and manufacture chain lifting equipment. This company started the production February 2002, but with a founded knowledge. A member of our board is also member of the European Standard Commission for load restraint assemblies on road vehicles and all employees has long experience and know-how to manufacture this safety products. That means all type of lashing equipment , webbingslings, strops and Roundsling and all special solutions for your problems. We are known for excellent service and excellent relations to our customer. We are placed close to the national highway. So-when safety counts-on road, rail or by sea use our system for your.

Important milestones:

2002…Foundation oft he SHZ GmbH at the location: Bischofswerdaer Str.
2003-2008…Rapid growth, investment in modern machinery
2009…Moving into the new headquarters







2010…Entry into service of 50t testing machine

2011…Construction of warehouse

2012…10-year company anniversary with numerous guests