Non-slip mats


Non-slip mats

Fields of application:

  • increasing the coefficient of sliding friction (µ), between freight and cargo area
  • realizing defined coefficients of sliding friction
  • reducing the time needed for load control by reducing the required total tension force
  • increasing safety, because of a deformation tray

The deformation of the non-slip mat, may not be higher than 30% compared with its original thickness. If it’s not possible, the thickness of the mats has to be changed


SHZ non-slip mats consist of a high high-strength compound of rubber and polyurethane. Its advantages are:

  • very high flexibility at simultaneously high mechanical loading capacity,
  • long-life cycle,
  • recyclable.

discard criteria:

  • permanent deformation
  • swelled or destroyed areas in the mats
  • embrittlement
  • severe contamination


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