Disposable slings


Disposable slings

One layer polyester webbing.

Disposable lifting belts are used for loading of cargo at intermediate drops until they are off loaded at their final destination.

Safety Factor 5

Disposable slings are manufactured in compliance with DIN 60005 and have an orange label for identification

product codeWLL in kgcolourwidtheffective working length (EWL)enquiry
HS00250xXXXX-DIN250 kgorange (or a different colour)25 mmfrom 0,25 m
HS0750xXXXX-DIN750 kgblack50 mmfrom 0,3 m
HS01000xXXXX-DIN1.000 kgwhite35 mmfrom 0,5 m
HS01500xXXXX-DIN1.500 kgwhite50 mmfrom 0,5 m
XXX...peripheral length in millimeter (m)
Other length and carrying capacity according to customer specification.