Round slings Performance+


Round slings Performance+

Woven- in capacity stripe. Improved factric structure in order to reduce wrinkling.

Performance + round slings have a longer service life when compared to usual round slings,

due to the sleeve‘s fabric thickness.

Safety factor 7

Polyester round slings are manufactured according to EN1492-2 with safety label and sewn-in instruction manual.

product codeWLL in kgcoloureffective working lengthenquiry
RW010xx1000purplefrom 0,5 m up to 14 m
RW020xx2000greenfrom 0,5 m up to 14 m
RW030xx3000yellowfrom 0,5 m up to 14 m
RW040xx4000greyfrom 0,5 m up to 14 m
RW050xx5000redfrom 1,0 m up to 14 m
RW060xx6000brownfrom 1,0 m up to 14 m
RW080xx8000bluefrom 1,0 m up to 14 m
RW100xx10000orangefrom 1,0 m up to 14 m
xx...useable length in meter (m) (e.g. 1,0 m -> or 1,5 m -> 15)