Lashing calculator


It is necessary to define the number of  straps required, in order to secure the load safely. It is no longer a problem when using the innovative lashing calculator. The calculator can be used for angular or diagonal, as well as down lashing. That means, only one calculator is needed for all lashing methods.

  • Features of the SHZ lashing calculator:
  • Integrated protractor to determine the lashing angle,
  • Instruction manual printed onto the calculator,
  • Completely without advertismenet, so that there is place for your own company logo,
  • several adhesion factors are considered (e.g. metal, wood, non-slip mats),
  • advantageous and disadvantageous lashing angles are marked,
  • angular/diagonal and down lashing at one calculator,

Ordering the SHZ lashing calculator means a large benefit for you, your customers or truck drivers.

Nominal fee: 5 EUR