Testing service


Your slings and chains need a regular security testing!

We accomplish all examinations in accordance with UVV 18.4 ( VBG 9a).

In the interest of your own safety we offer a complete testing service on your premises or on-site in your company.
All slings and chain hangers must be visually inspected annually and every 3 years a non-destructive test process is carried out.

Non-destructive test process:

We perform all tests in compliance with DIN 685 and within current regulations on accident prevention 18.4 § 26 paragraph. 3. Round steel chains, which are used as lifting equipment, must be checked in compliance with §40 UVV 18.4 every 3 years in order to guarantee the absence of cracks. The implementation regulation dictates a proof load which is 1.5 times higher than the usual load or another nondestructive testing. We perform inspections of your chains, sling chains and equipment within these regulations, with the use of an electromagnetic non-destructive test process

We discover even the finest cracks and defects, before they represent a danger to you.