Lashing strap Cargo in stainless steel design


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We supply our stainless steel lashing strap Cargo with metal parts (ratchet and hook) in stainless steel. Lashing straps with a width of 50 mm are primarily used to secure loads on trucks. Colloquially, these lashing straps are referred to as 4-tonners or 5-tonners. With our Cargo lashing straps, we offer you a variant with a standard ratchet including transport security. On request available as a DuroLash lashing strap with a particularly abrasion-resistant strap. With our lashing strap configurator, you can put together your desired lashing strap individually.

Band width:

50 mm

Lashing force:

2,000 daN | LC direct


EN 12195-2

Label protection


Metal parts

made of stainless steel

Lashing strap Cargo stainless steel


  Model ZC2081-Edels
Lashing capacity | LC direct: 2,000 daN
Lashing capacity | LC in strapping: 4,000 daN
SHF: 50 daN
STF: 320 daN
Material: PES
Band width: 25 mm
Standard: EN12195-2
Possible belt colors: orange, blue, black
Possible types of label protection: label protection tube, label protection pocket, label protection band, label in loop, label sewn all around, folded label with band cover

Lashing strap Cargo in stainless steel design | 2 parts
Model ZC2081-Edels


Lashing strap Cargo stainless steel

Possibilities of

We would also be happy to print your text or logo on the lashing strap.

  • Text length as desired
  • The text is always black
  • Long logos and texts are also possible
  • For both small and large quantities
  • Any distance between prints is possible
  • In the ribbon colors orange, red, blue, green, white, yellow, black
  • Individual tape lengths possible

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