Corner protection plates for lashing straps


Protects lashing straps
from sharp edges

Edge protection plates for lashing straps protect the transported goods as well as the tape fabric on sharp edges. They achieve an even distribution of force in the lashing agent when lashing down. Edge protection plates can also be used as a ratchet pad.

Kantenschutzplatten für Zurrgurte


Item numberl in mmh in mmb in mma in mm
KSPDF 025250802510
KSPDF 035250803510
(for 50 mm lashing straps)
KSPDF 0604501006030
KSPDF 0704501207030
KSPDF 0804501208030
KSPDF 0904701309040
KSPDF 11047015011040
KSPDF 13047017013040
KSPDF 16047020016040
KSPDF 20047024020040
KSPDF 22047024022040
KSPDF 25050028025040
KSPDF 32060040032040
KSPDF 42060050042040

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