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We offer you a wide selection of mechanical hand hoists from lever hoists, manual chain hoists, steel winches and geared trolleys through to wire rope hoists. And of course deliver we can also provide you with the right spare parts for it. According to the applicable BG regulations (BGV D6 and D8), mechanical manual hoists must at least be checked once a year. We would be happy to support you.

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Mechanical hoists

Hoists are devices for lifting and moving freely movable loads. These can be lifted without much effort. Belong to the group of hoists

  • lever pulls
  • chain hoists
  • beam clamps
  • steel winches
  • and other mechanical lifting equipment

Advantages of mechanical hoists

  • for horizontal and vertical work
  • easy to use
  • heavy loads are moved without effort
  • enables fast work
  • different versions available


If you cannot find the right product in our range right away, simply ask us using our contact form.

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