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For load securing, we offer you a selection of lashing chains in grades 80 and 100. These are each available as a 1-part or 2-part system and are manufactured exclusively in accordance with EN12195-3. All components are made of quenched and tempered steel. If you don't find the right product, ask us! We can modify the various systems - and adapt them individually to your intended use.

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Lashing systems - proven aids for securing loads

Lashing systems are another aid for securing loads. These are devices for securing loads, consisting of a tensioning chain with or without connecting elements and a tensioning element (ratchet tensioner or ratchet load tensioner). They are mostly used when large loads have to be secured, such as for heavy transport. Lashing chains can be used both for lashing down and for direct lashing. With both lashing methods, very high lashing capacities (LC) and pre-tensioning forces are achieved. Lashing chains are provided with a rectangular metal identification tag. A distinction is made between systems with an integrated clamping element (1-part system) and with a separate clamping element (2-part system):

1-piece system

Lashing chain and ratchet load tensioner are firmly connected. The length of these lashing systems can only be adjusted on one side of the ratchet load clamp. The advantage of the 1-part systems is that no parts can get lost.

2-piece system

Lashing chain and ratchet load tensioner are separate. These lashing systems can be used flexibly, as the ratchet tensioner can be hung on the chain at the point where it fits best. This means that damage to the paintwork can be avoided with 2-part lashing chains.


  • 1-piece or 2-piece
  • with ratchet load clamp
  • different lengths configurable
  • resistant to dirt, oil and external weather influences
  • even under rough conditions, e.g. can be used for sharp-edged loads or rough surfaces


If you cannot find the right product in our range right away, simply ask us using our contact form.

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