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SHZ lifting slings stand for maximum safety and reliability when lifting heavy loads. Based on the color code according to the Euronorm, you can immediately see the permissible load-bearing capacity. All SHZ reusable lifting slings are made of polyester (PES) and are manufactured according to DIN EN 1492-1 with a safety factor of 1:7. Disposable slings are manufactured according to DIN 60005 and have a safety factor of 1:5. Disposable slings or lifting straps are used to transport goods from production to the end user. They must be destroyed and disposed of at the end of the transport chain. Reusable lifting slings, on the other hand, can be used as often as you like.


product information

WLL 150 kg – 10,000 kg

Standard: from 25 mm to 300 mm

Individual lengths can be made for you in our in-house production (0.3 – 20 m).

  • Endless slings, one-way
  • Endless slings, 1- and 2-ply polyester

To protect your lifting sling from sharp edges and rough surfaces, we offer you:

  • Edge protection angles
  • Abrasion protection sleeves
  • PU coatings
  • PU protective sleeves
  • HMPE protective tubes

of attachment for lifting slings


Anschlagart, direkter Zug
Stop factor = 1


Anschlagart, Schnürgang
Stop factor = 0.8

U-lift (folded)

Anschlagart, U-Lift
Stop factor = 2

Possibilities of

We would also be happy to print your text or logo on the lifting sling.

  • Band width up to 90 mm
  • Text length as desired
  • The text is always black
  • The printing takes place continuously once per meter of tape
  • The labels can also be provided with your name or logo

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Endless slings - Aids for attaching loads

Lifting slings are textile lifting gear. They are made of textile fibers such as polyester and are subject to the specifications of the European standard DIN EN 1492-1. Lifting slings should be checked by a competent person before each use and annually.

Endless slings from SHZ

In our factory in Großröhrsdorf/Saxony, around 7,000,000 meters of webbing are processed into lifting slings and other lifting gear every year. We rely on sophisticated technology and state-of-the-art processes. A high level of vertical integration and the many years of experience of our employees ensure that we can implement almost any customer request.

Highest product quality - made in Germany

SHZ lifting slings are manufactured in accordance with the EN 1492-1 standard. During all production steps – from band printing to cutting to automatic sewing – we rely on the most modern production facilities. All products go through an intensive quality assurance process before they leave the factory in Großröhrsdorf. We test all products regularly in our own test laboratory according to our SHZ test guidelines. These clearly exceed the prescribed level according to the applicable EN standards. Our certified quality management system according to DIN ISO 9001 also ensures consistent product quality.

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