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In our family-run business, every employee makes an important contribution to the company's success. We appreciate and value that. We therefore want to give something back with a comprehensive package of services and benefits:

Our attractive compensation package is made up of several components. We highly value commitment and willingness to perform, which is why we offer our talents up to 5 bonuses per year in addition to the high base salary, which are paid out depending on the success of the company and individual performance.

A good work-life balance for our employees is matter that is close to our hearts. That’s why we take special account of the needs of colleagues who want to devote more time to their families on a temporary basis – be it childcare or obligations for relatives in need of care. Whether working from home or part-time work – with us, everyone can find the combination that best fits their individual lifestyle. A working-time account can be used to compensate for periods of low order without financial disadvantages. In addition, accumulated overtime hours can be used for private appointments.

Every Friday there is a shared breakfast, which is paid by the company. This also promotes cohesion among colleagues and serves as a good way to ease into the weekend.

If interested, we also offer our employees the opportunity to take on new areas of responsibility. This creates variety in our day-to-day work, increases mutual understanding – and welds our teams even closer together.

In order to develop our staff members’ potential both personally and professionally, we offer a wide range of opportunities for further development within our corporate structures. As part of SHZ’s employee development programme, employees lead regular discussions with their supervisors about individual goals and the development measures suitable for achieving them. When filling management positions, we always first check whether there is someone internally who is interested and has the necessary expertise to fill the position. Almost all of the current SHZ executives once started as “basic” employees and steadily progressed until they were finally able to take on a leadership role. Our Warehouse Manager is a good example. He started years ago as a machine operator – but has continuously developed within the company.

What would work be without lunch and coffee breaks together? Hence we provide our employees with free drinks in the form of water, tea and coffee for this purpose.

In addition to the attractive compensation models, our employees also benefit from other advantages. For example, they receive employee discounts on all SHZ products.

We focus on long-term relationships with our employees (m/f/o). A service length of at least 15 years gets you an extra day of leave. From 20 years in the company even 2 extra vacation days per year.

In our family-run business, every single employee makes a major contribution to our joint success. As a thank you for our team’s tireless efforts, we host two employee events per year.

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