Hooks for belt width 25 mm


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Hooks for a belt width of 25 mm are used for our 25 mm clamping lock straps, for Hobby lashing straps in black and Hobby PLUS. Lashing straps with a belt width of 25 mm are particularly suitable for securing loads in cars, on trailers or for securing load units (strapping). We can supply these straps with a ratchet or clamp lock and in various lashing capacities. With our lashing strap configurator, you can put together your desired lashing strap individually.

For band width:

25 mm

Breaking strength:

800 - 2,500 daN | LC direct


steel or stainless steel

J-hook 25 mm, hook for tape width 25 mm


Item numberDesignationBS / DaNL/mmB / mmD / mmWeight in kg / 100
Steel hook
H2501-1500Double-J hook1,5005326166.2
H2500S hook900109⌀242811.5
H2510S hook with safety device900118⌀261812.5
H2504D ring1,50033,529222.5
H2516Flat hook with safety device1,500562685.8
H2565-BEye hook with sheet metal security2,50090⌀181016.0
H2548Single stud fitting / airline fitting1,80029⌀ 29.5
H2528Deflection fitting1,0002626144.5
Stainless steel hook
H2501-EdelsDouble-J hookstainless steel8005327 7.0

Double-J hook |
Model H2501-1500

J-hook 25 mm, hook for tape width 25 mm

Our hooks
for a belt width of 25 mm

Claw hook
Double-J hook (H2501-1500)
S Hook (H2500)
S hook with safety catch
Safety S-hook (H2510)
D-Ring 25 mm
D ring (H2504)
Flat hook with safety device
Flat hook with safety device (H2516)
Eye hook
Eye hook with sheet metal lock (H2565-B)
Airline fittings
Single Stud Fitting / Airline Fitting (H2548)
Deflection fitting
Deflection fitting (H2528)
Claw hook
J-hook stainless steel (H2501)

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