Single-ply polyester endless slings


We'll hold your load.
And you safety.

Our endless slings are made of polyester according to the current standard EN 1492-1 with 7 times the safety factor. Load capacities from 1,000 to 10,000 kg can be achieved with our 1-layer endless loops. In the production of our endless loops, printing is just as possible as label protection.


DIN EN 1492-1

Safety factor:

SF 1: 7

Single-layer endless slings, single-layer reusable lifting slings


Item number WLL in kg (single-ply) Colour Band width in mm Available lengths More meters possible
0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0
HS01000xXXXX 1,000 violet 30/50 Yes
HS02000xXXXX 2,000 green 60 Yes
HS03000xXXXX 3,000 yellow 90 Yes
HS04000xXXXX 4,000 gray 120 Yes
HS05000xXXXX 5,000 red 150   Yes
HS06000xXXXX 6,000 brown 180   Yes
HS08000xXXXX 8,000 blue 240     Yes
HS10000xXXXX 10,000 orange 300     Yes

XXXX… circumference in mm; e.g. 2t, L1 = 0.5 m -> HS02000x1000; other lengths and load capacities on request


types for lifting slings


Anschlagart, direkter Zug
Stop factor = 1


Anschlagart, Schnürgang
Stop factor = 0.8

U-lift (folded)

Anschlagart, U-Lift
Stop factor = 2

Possibilities of

We are also happy to print your text or logo on the lifting sling.

  • Band width up to 90 mm
  • Text length as desired
  • The text is always black
  • The printing takes place continuously once per meter of tape
  • The labels can also be provided with your name or logo

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