Round slings with steel cable core


We'll hold your load.
And give you safety.

Our polyester round slings with a steel cable core are ideal for theaters or event technology.

Round sling with steel core |
for theater and event technology

Polyester-Rundschlingen in Schwarz für die Veranstaltungstechnik




Polyester yarn


iaw. EN 1492-2

Manufactured with an X-fold security

Maximum load capacity:

4 t

Temperature range:

-40°C – 100°C

Not restricted as with HMPE yarns

With safety label and sewn-in operating instructions

Label fully protected in cuff in Velcro-sealed pocket



Article number WLL in kg (SF 5) WLL in kg (BGV C1) Usable length in m
0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 4.0 5.0
RSE010XX 1,000 500
RSE020XX 2,000 1,000
RSE030XX 3,000 1,500
RSE040XX 4,000 2,000

XX… usable length in mm; e.g. 1.0 m -> RSE01010; other lengths and load capacities on request


Possibilities of

We would also be happy to print your text or logo on the round sling.

  • Up to 8 t only with single jacket
  • Text length max. 30 characters
  • The text is always black
  • The printing takes place continuously once per meter of tape
  • The labels can also be provided with your name or logo

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