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round slings

SHZ produces standard round slings for payloads up to 300 t. The round slings are always manufactured according to the EN 1492-2 standard with a safety factor of 7:1. The SHZ round sling range includes round slings with a polyester core and single/double/ or performance sheathing. Furthermore, heavy-duty round slings from 12 t are equipped with a special, extremely abrasion-resistant single sheath. The SHZ range is completed by our Performance MAX round slings with a yarn made of LCP high-performance fibres.



Step 1:
Cutting the sleeve

Step 2:
Inserting yarn into the sleeve

Step 3:
Sewing in the label & testing


SHZ round slings

  • The SHZ round slings consist of an endless fibre scrim made of high-strength polyester fibres or LCP high-performance fibres.
  • This scrim is protected by a sleeve. The yarn core solely ensures the load-bearing capacity of the round sling. The sheathing serves only to protect the fibres.
  • The selection of the protective sleeve is based on the purpose of use and offers the designs depending on the frequency of use and conditions of the load: Single sleeve, double sleeve or performance sleeve.
  • Thanks to special weaving processes and a corresponding finish, SHZ round slings achieve particularly high abrasion and stability strengths.
  • All SHZ round slings have high UV stability and standard polyurethane finish.
  • The nominal carrying capacity (WLL) and the identification stripes are strikingly printed or woven into the sleeve on all SHZ round slings.
  • In order to not have to discard a high-quality SHZ round sling prematurely due to damaged or illegible labels, various label protection variants are available as an option.
  • One advantage of SHZ round slings is their low elongation. This is usually approx. 2 – 3 % at nominal load.

For the sake of the environment:
We produce sustainably.

Transparent processes and the consistent implementation of lean production principles are the hallmarks of production at the SHZ plant in Großröhrsdorf. This is complemented by the permanent reduction of the raw materials, materials and means of production used as well as a continuous improvement process with consistently high quality. Our in-house testing laboratory allows us to continuously optimise our products and we only use as much raw material as necessary to achieve the safety level. A wide range of label protection options can significantly extend the life of SHZ products. This shows how small changes to the product can lead to significantly more sustainable products.

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