SHZ round sling set, 11 pieces


We'll hold your load.
And give you safety.

Our SHZ round sling set consists of eleven round slings with a single coat and SHZ label, manufactured according to EN 1492-2 with 7 times the safety. We deliver the set in a practical, sturdy sports bag.

Round sling set |
11 pieces

Rundschlingenset, 11-teilig


4 pieces -> 1t, NL 1.0m (HRE01010)
2 pieces -> 1t, NL 2.0m (HRE01020)
2 pieces -> 2t, NL 1.0m (HRE02010)
2 pieces -> 2t, NL 2.0m (HRE02020)
2 pieces -> 3t, NL 3.0m (HRE03030)

With capacity marking strip and capacity imprint on the cover


Technische Daten

 1 t2 t3 t4 t5 t6 t8 t10 t12 t15 t20 t25 t30 t40 t50 t
Sleeve width single-ply:46465766778592114156156177177177204230
Support thickness:4666811121212141530353540
Support width under load:3040506060757590110130135135140190210

All information in mm


Vergleich von

MaterialPolyester (PES)Aramid Kevlar © Technora ©High modulus polyethylene (HMPE) Dyneema © Spectra ©Liquid-Crystal Polymer (LCP) Vectran ©
Strength cN / dtex7 – 920-2526 – 3426-28
Elongation at break10-18%< 4 %< 4 %< 4 %
Melting point in ° C225500130380
Temperature resistance in ° C1002507060
Temperature resistance in ° C1002507060
UV resistancevery goodbadvery goodbad
Alkali resistancegood at low temperatureWellvery goodvery good
Acid resistancemostly goodWellvery goodvery good
Gasoline-oil resistancevery goodvery goodvery goodvery good
Resistance to abrasionvery goodbadvery goodvery good
humidityunproblematicunfavorable, breaking force reduction when wetunproblematicunproblematic
Creep behaviorsmall amountsmall amountdetectable at high loadunavailable
Areas of applicationStandard applications without special requirementsUse at high temperaturesUse at high temperaturesHigh load capacities, cut protection

Possibilities of

We would also be happy to print your text or logo on the round sling.

  • Up to 8 t only with single jacket
  • Text length max. 30 characters
  • The text is always black
  • The printing takes place continuously once per meter of tape
  • The labels can also be provided with your name or logo

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