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To sharpen the surface of your transport goods and the lifting strap or round sling To protect edges, we offer you a wide range of useful tools. Edge protection angles protect textile slings against cutting on sharp Edge. Abrasion protection hoses protect the textile slings and the load and offer reliable protection against abrasion.


Important product

  • Protection of sensitive surfaces of the transported goods
  • Protection of the tape fabric from dangerous cuts
  • Enlargement of the edge radius on sharp edges
  • Protection of the belt fabric from abrasion on rough surfaces (e.g. raw wood, concrete elements, rolled steel products) or when turning sharp-edged transport goods
  • Achieving an even distribution of force in the lashing when lashing down

Definition of “sharp edge”:

According to the definition of the trade association, one speaks of a sharp edge if the radius r of the edge of the transported goods is less than or equal to the thickness d of the lifting strap or the round sling.

Sharp edge if: r ≤ d

Due to its excellent material properties, all SHZ edge protection products are made of polyurethane (PU). The material impresses with these advantages:

  • Flexibility in a wide temperature range
  • high wear resistance
  • very good weather resistance
  • Resistance to oil, grease and solvents
  • high tear and tear resistance
  • Objective: To protect the fabric of the tape from rough surfaces
  • How it works: The protective hose adheres to the edge of the transport belt, while the lifting strap or round sling can slide freely in the protective hose. To ensure that the strap can be stretched and positioned properly, the protective hose must be significantly shorter than the flat sling or the round sling.

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