Textile-fiber hose rubberized on the inside


Protects lifting belts,
round slings from rough surfaces

Our internally rubberized fabric hoses protect the tape fabric from rough surfaces. The protective hose adheres to the edge of the transport belt, while the lifting belt or round sling can slide freely in the protective hose. In order for the stretching and positioning of the belt to be possible perfectly, the protective hose should be significantly shorter than the lifting belt or the round sling.

Protective hose

Types Fabric Hoses

Type 1

Schutzschlauch über den Doppelstrang
Protective hose all over the double strand

Type 2

Schutzschlauch über den Einfachstrang (einfach)
Protective hose simply over the single strand

Type 3

Schutzschlauch über den Einfachstrang (doppelt)
Double protective hose over the single strand


Inside diameter in mmInside width in mmrubberized inside,
outside raw white
rubberized inside,
outside red PU-coated
item number€ / mitem number€ / m
2535  IBAB 2510on request
3860IB 3802on requestIBAB 3811
5285IB 5203on requestIBAB 7013
90144  IBAB 9015
100161  IBAB10016
125198  IBAB12517
150250  IBAB15018

* Calculation in 0.5m steps


of protective hoses

Inside diameter in mmInside width in mmfor 2-ply flat slingfor round slings over the double strand **
WLL / tBelt width / mmWLL / t
38601501 and 2
52852603 and 4
701122755 and 6
901443.490/1208 and 10
125198515012 and 15
150250618020 and 25

** Protective hoses can be supplied on request using the single strand

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