We are uncompromising when it comes to quality


Quality management
system according to ISO 9001:2015

SHZ stands for highest product quality made in Germany. We see quality as a passion and a commitment to our customers, because their safety depends on the quality of our products. The SHZ quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 ensures well thought-out and efficient process flows. We plan our quality and carry out regular inspections in our in-house test laboratory and in cooperation with external laboratories. You can download our ISO 9001 certificate with the following link:

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Production in Germany
according to European standards

The production of our SHZ lashing straps, lifting slings and round slings is still carried out in our factory in Großröhrsdorf in Germany and complies with the requirements of the European standards EN 12195-2 and EN 1492-1/-2.


Tested product safety:
GS certificate

Our most important products have been tested by BG Verkehr and have received the GS certificate for this. The ‘Tested Safety’ mark is an internationally recognized safety mark. It is only awarded to products that are ready for use and documents compliance with all legal requirements (e.g. relevant standards and product safety laws). Close cooperation with various testing institutions in combination with regular tests in our laboratory are our guarantee for the highest level of product quality and safety.

Quality management ISO 9001 Dekra certificate
DGUV seal
Mitarbeiter der SHZ GmbH im Gespräch. Qualität
about us

'We attach great importance to the high quality of our products so that our customers can work safely. This is also what our SHZ claim “Moving big things. Savely.” stands for.'

– Matthias Böhme, Managing Director of SHZ GmbH


Own test laboratory:
Product testing via standard requirements

All SHZ products go through an intensive quality assurance process before they leave our factory in Großröhrsdorf. They are regularly tested in our in-house inspection laboratory according to our SHZ test guidelines. These testing guidelines, which we have set ourselves, clearly exceed the prescribed level of the valid EN standards.


Environmental protection: We act
economically and ecologically responsible.

The preservation and protection of our environment for future generations is a matter that is dear to our hearts. That is why we pay attention to the careful use of natural raw materials and energy - and produce in accordance with the applicable environmental regulations.

Sustainable and
durable products

Our products are designed to inspire people, make their work easier and safer – and conserve natural resources in the process. In short: We want to “move big things” with our products. Safely.” When developing new products, we therefore focus very clearly on efficiency and durability. We achieve both with the highest level of quality, which means that our products last a long time and do not need to be replaced so quickly. An example of this is our DuroLash lashing straps and Performance PLUS round slings.

Economical use
of natural resources

Throughout our company, we strive for a continuous improvement process. This also includes the continuous optimisation of our products. In the interests of sustainability, we are working to reduce the use of resources in the manufacture and packaging of new products – but without compromising on quality and safety. For example, we do not use stretch film around our product pallets as long as this does not jeopardize their stability. In this way, we are already succeeding in saving several tons of polyester and steel per year through the deliberate economical use of resources.

Low-emission production
in Germany

Another plus point in terms of environmental awareness is our low-CO₂ production at the German site. Many other manufacturers of lifting and lashing technology have their goods produced in Eastern Europe or China – and cause significantly higher CO₂ emissions due to the long transport routes. That is not the case with us. In addition, we transport our goods via railway containers as often as possible. This also ensures significantly lower CO₂ emissions than many other manufacturers, who rely predominantly on truck transport.

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