Lashing calculator


Load securing made easy!
With the SHZ lashing calculator

For a proper securing of the load during transport, it is necessary to precisely determine the number of lashing straps required. So that you don't lose any time in the process, we have developed a simple and clever tool for this purpose: the SHZ Lashing Calculator. It allows you to determine the exact number of lashing straps needed - for tie-down and diagonal lashing. I.e. In the future, you will only need one calculator for all lashing methods.


Functional scope
of the SHZ Lashing Calculator

  • Integrated protractor for determining the lashing angle
  • Operating instructions printed on the computer
  • Completely free of advertising, so that your individual company logo can be integrated
  • Consideration of various sliding friction coefficients (e.g. metal, wood, anti-slip mats)
  • Marking of favourable and unfavourable lashing angles
  • Diagonal and tie-down lashing included in a single calculator

You too can benefit from the many advantages of the SHZ lashing calculator!

Order it today - for yourself, your drivers or your customers at the price of € 4.00 each (plus VAT).

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