Secure label protection

Makes your lashing straps durable – and reduces costs

If the label on a lashing strap is missing, damaged or illegible, it is discarded and must not be used again. If you want to use your lashing straps for as long and sustainably as possible, the labels on them should be protected. SHZ offers various options for this:

New! Fold-over label with tape overlap (LSF)​​

The optimal protection for durable lashing straps

The so-called “folding label”, SHZ abbreviation LSF, for 50 mm lashing straps is brand new. This label is folded in the middle and then sewn in. The strap is extended at the seam so that the label is completely covered by the additional strap.

Advantages of the fold label:

  • it is only half as long as a normal label – and therefore does not tear off as quickly
  • it is completely covered by the webbing and is therefore perfectly protected against wear, tearing out or environmental influences
  • it can be read without any problems even when the lashing strap is tensioned

Alternative: label with loop (LSi)​

The “label in the loop”, SHZ abbreviation Lsi, offers a similar level of protection as the folding label. It’s just not that easy to use: if the strap is tightened, the loop tightens, which means that the label is no longer visible. i.e. during a load securing check, the tension belts would have to be loosened in order to be able to read the label.

Other label protection variants

Label protection hose (LSS)

Label protection pocket (LST)

Label protection tape (LSB)

Label sewn all around (LS)

Label in the round sling tube (LSE)

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