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Apply for government funding for load securing

Did you know? For many SHZ products, a de minimis
80% funding can be applied for.

With the de-minimis subsidy program of the Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG), you can get a subsidy of up to EUR 33,000 per company when purchasing load securing equipment request from the state. For example, measures that serve the safety and ergonomics of drivers are funded. In this way, you can have up to 80 percent of your expenses reimbursed – and at the same time optimize your load securing.

Goods transport companies within the meaning of Section 1 of the Road Goods Transport Act are eligible for funding. At SHZ, you can achieve eligibility for funding, for example, by purchasing the Ergo MAX lashing strap, which thanks to its innovative long-lever pull ratchet (reversal ratchet) is particularly easy on the back allows. And it works like this: The long-lever ratchet is tightened from “top to bottom” and has a particularly fine gradation thanks to the built-in gear. The reverse function compared to conventional ratchets protects the user’s back and joints. The gear also ensures a reliably achievable pre-tensioning force of 750 daN with 50 daN manual force. However, other lashing straps, anti-slip mats and edge protection brackets are also eligible.

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De minimis funding: Key facts at a glance

Who can apply for the grant?

You are eligible for funding if you are, among other things, the owner or operator of heavy commercial vehicles (from 7.5 t).

Which SHZ products are eligible?

Eligible for funding are, for example, the purchase, rental or leasing of additional (“extra-mandatory”) equipment and tools to optimize load securing. SHZ includes the following product groups:

  • Lashing straps
  • Edge protection angle
  • Anti-slip mats
  • Lashing chains

You can find a detailed overview of the product groups eligible for funding in the positive list of the FOPH. If the BAG approves the subsidy, you as a company – ideally – only have to bear 20 percent of the costs.

This is how the application works:

  1. Request an offer from SHZ
  2. Apply to BAG ( via eService portal )
  3. receive a grant notice
  4. Buy products from SHZ
  5. Submit invoice (within 5 months)
  6. The approved funding will be paid out to you (up to 80 percent)

Note : Only measures that have been applied for at the BAG before the start of the investment can be funded

Do you still have a de-minimis budget left?

Use it to buy your load securing equipment!

All information about the funding program:

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