A look at practice: SCR GmbH uses lifting slings to transport reinforcing steel

SCR GmbH based in Glaubitz (Saxony) is one of the largest and most modern bending companies in Germany. Its customers include construction companies in the areas of building construction, civil engineering and special civil engineering – mainly in Germany and Scandinavia. For these, SCR cuts, bends and assembles a wide range of reinforcing steel products, such as e.g. B. rebar and welded wire mesh. The company also has its own welding shop, in which prefabricated reinforcement elements, such as reinforcement cages for diaphragm walls and bored piles, are manufactured exactly according to customer requirements.

SCR has been working with lifting slings from SHZ for many years – and uses them to transport heavy steel bundles. We asked the buyer, Ronny Stephan, how it came about – and what he particularly appreciates about working with SHZ.

How did the cooperation with SHZ come about?

Originally, we secured our reinforced steel bundles with steel cables for transport to the customer. However, these were quite expensive, so that our customers did not want to buy them and we had to organize a time-consuming and expensive return transport of the steel cables to us in Glaubitz. For this reason we wanted to replace the steel cables with lifting straps and were looking for a suitable manufacturer. SHZ was recommended to us by a friend of ours who had good experiences with SHZ. The switch to SHZ lifting slings worked great and has only advantages: The lifting slings are two to three times cheaper than steel cables – and we save ourselves the expensive return transport of the lifting slings.

Which SHZ products do you use and for what?

We mainly use lifting slings to transport our steel products. The steel is bent, cut and prefabricated in our factory according to the requirements of the respective customer so that it can be used directly on the construction site after delivery. The lifting slings are used to lift and load the heavy steel bundles, which usually weigh between 2 and 3 tons. In addition, we also buy lashing straps from SHZ, which we use to secure loads for our own fleet.

Why do you buy your lifting slings from SHZ?

SHZ offers high product quality at a fair price. We also appreciate the physical proximity. This means that distances are short and if you have any questions or problems, you can come by in person quickly and easily and remedy the situation. Another decisive factor in our decision was that SHZ has its own production facility in Germany – and can therefore act independently of foreign supply chains. There are always delivery bottlenecks with Chinese suppliers. So far, SHZ has always delivered reliably and on time – even at the height of the corona pandemic. That made our work a lot easier.

What do you particularly appreciate about working with SHZ?

We appreciate SHZ as a reliable partner who is available to us at any time – and due to the physical proximity sometimes personally on site. In addition, SHZ has large storage capacities. We use these to temporarily store our products and only call them up when we really need them. This works extremely well and saves our resources.

How would you describe the cooperation with SHZ in three groups of words?

extremely flexible, deliver on time, high quality products

Keyword Corona. What has changed for you?

Because we buy our lifting slings from SHZ, we didn’t have any bottlenecks even during the pandemic. Communication from SHZ was very professional. We were informed in good time that delivery times could be longer. As a result, we adjusted our ordering behavior early on – and preferred to order 7-8 months in advance instead of 3-4 months. Due to this pro-active and very cooperative behavior on the part of SHZ, we did not have any bottlenecks in lifting slings. We have always been delivered on time. We were very impressed by the forward-looking behavior and professional communication on the part of SHZ and saved us a lot of inconvenience.

“We appreciate the reliability and high flexibility of the SHZ team, which always reacts quickly to our individual requirements and with practical solutions. In particular, the security of supply, thanks to our own production in Germany, makes working together very pleasant for us.”

Ronny Stephen

Purchasing, SCR GmbH

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