Career orientation made easy

SHZ gives students from the region practical insights into the everyday work of various apprenticeships

Testing is above studying. Because who knows in the 8. and 9th grade already exactly what he wants to be? Those are probably the fewest. And the large number of different training occupations and specializations does not necessarily make it easier. We want to support students in their career choice so that they can find exactly the job that suits them.

Through a joint careers orientation program with the Rödertal secondary school , schoolchildren can get a taste of all training occupations at SHZ every Tuesday afternoon for three weeks. These include: Technical fabricator (m/f/d) , warehouse clerk (m/f/d) , machine and plant operator (m/f/d) and merchant for wholesale and foreign trade (m/f/d) .

In addition to the SHZ trainers, our trainees acted as teachers. The up-and-coming skilled workers showed the students practical examples from their own everyday traineeship and is on hand to answer any questions they may have.

Portrait of the person responsible for training, Markus Fabich

“At the Schuppertage you meet at eye level. Pupils can try things out in a relaxed manner and find out whether they enjoy the activity – and whether it suits their strengths and interests.”

Marcus Fabich
Training manager, SHZ GmbH

By trying things out, schoolgirls in particular should also have the opportunity to discover their technical talent and break down any reservations they might have about typical “male jobs”.

At the end of the taster days, each student (m/f/d) prepares an activity report – and summarizes whether one of the tested training occupations suits him or her. In the best case, this results in a win-win situation for both sides: The student (m/f/d) finds his dream apprenticeship and the company gains a new, motivated trainee m/f/d .

Florian Zimmermann has already successfully completed this path. He found his dream job through an internship at SHZ, completed an apprenticeship as a warehouse clerk – and was then immediately employed. Today, Florian Zimmermann has been working in a responsible position as a machine operator at SHZ for a year.

“I recommend anyone who doesn’t yet know exactly what they want to do: Try out different career paths. Preferably through an internship. You quickly get a realistic picture of the company and everyday working life.”

Florian Zimmerman
former Trainee, SHZ GmbH

All the benefits of the careers orientation program for students:

  • You get a taste of future-oriented apprenticeships.
  • You lend a hand yourself and find out whether your idea of the training/profession corresponds to reality.
  • You will receive first-hand information from our employees and trainees – and will find an open ear for all your questions.
  • You can find out about entry opportunities with us and make initial contacts.


Then you can do an internship at SHZ – also independently of the career orientation program with the Oberschule Rödertal. Send us your internship request.

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