An interview with SHZ GmbH employees

Quality management audit successfully passed

In week 21, our annual quality audit took place for the first time via a video session. In the presence of our Managing Director Günter Böhme and our Quality Representative Marcus Fabich, the SHZ quality management system was systematically and meticulously audited according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. The standard defines and describes the requirements that a company such as SHZ must meet in order to comply with a certain standard in the implementation of quality management. SHZ GmbH has passed the quality audit successfully and without any deviations this time as well. ‘With our ISO certification, we want to demonstrate reliability and a high standard regarding meeting our customers’ needs. For us, the certification is something like a signal of trust for our business partners,’ explains Günter Böhme, Managing Director of SHZ GmbH.

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