Close-up of a lifting sling with shackle, round slings

SHZ round slings: ideal helpers for heavy-duty assembly projects

Großröhrsdorf, September 9th, 2021. Heavy-duty round slings have become an indispensable part of industry. Compared to chain hangers, they have a very low dead weight and are much more flexible in use. Another advantage: they are easy on the load. This is because their soft surface causes significantly less damage to painted surfaces. And SHZ heavy-duty round slings are also convincing in terms of sustainability: Thanks to their particularly stable, abrasion-resistant sheath, they last significantly longer than comparable heavy-duty round slings from other suppliers.

Application in practice

Only recently, heavy duty round slings from Sächsische Hebe- und Zurrtechnik GmbH (SHZ) were able to provide useful help with the assembly of a new heavy-duty molding press at a manufacturer of molded parts in Saxony . With the help of a lifting frame and two 20 t SHZ heavy-duty round slings, the 40 t heavy press head could be lifted from the heavy-duty machine trolley and positioned above the new press. “Such assembly work often takes place at very short notice and then it is important that the necessary lifting accessories such as round slings, shackles and lifting gear are available quickly. We have always had very good experiences with SHZ GmbH “, explains Ronald Löser, Dresden branch manager of Wimmer Maschinentransporte GmbH, which installed the press.

Highest product quality made in Germany

The SHZ heavy duty round slings are still produced in Germany today – in the traditional ribbon town of Großröhrsdorf, which can look back on more than 340 years of ribbon weaving tradition. The customers of SHZ GmbH benefit from this experience to this day. A high level of vertical integration, the high degree of specialization and the long-term experience of the SHZ employees ensure that we can also implement individual customer requests and even complete new product developments without problems – and in the shortest possible time” , says Matthias Böhme, managing director of SHZ GmbH. SHZ GmbH processes around 7,000,000 meters of webbing annually into lashing straps, lifting straps and round slings. The company relies on sophisticated technology and well thought-out processes to ensure consistently high product quality. The SHZ quality management system in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 ensures well thought-out and efficient processes. A consistently high product quality of the SHZ lashing straps and lifting straps guarantee high-performance sewing machines and the most modern sewing machines. “So that we can also produce competitively with foreign production sites, we use ultra-modern and automated production systems,” explains Böhme. Lashing straps are produced here in accordance with the EN 12195-2 standard as well as lifting straps and round slings in accordance with the EN 1492-1 / -2 standard. The round slings are produced in different colors that indicate the load-bearing capacity and are usually provided with a bar coding – to ensure safe working.

Product tests beyond standard requirements in the in-house inspection laboratory

SHZ products stand for the highest quality made in Germany. All SHZ products go through an intensive quality assurance process before they leave the factory in Großröhrsdorf. They are regularly tested in the in-house test laboratory according to the SHZ test guidelines. These test guidelines, which the company has imposed on itself, clearly exceed the prescribed level of the applicable EN standards. “We attach great importance to the high quality of our products so that our customers can work safely. This is what our SHZ claim “ Moving big things” stands for. With security. “, emphasizes Böhme. In addition to comprehensive product tests as part of quality assurance, SHZ GmbH also offers its customers a comprehensive service. This includes the testing, maintenance and repair of textile slings and chains .

Even shorter delivery times thanks to a EUR 1.2-million investment in a new warehouse

In order to become more independent from foreign suppliers and to be able to offer their customers even shorter delivery times in the future, SHZ GmbH recently invested 1.2 million euros in a new warehouse. “With the new hall we are doubling our storage space. In this way we can offer our customers even better service in the future through significantly shorter production and delivery times. In addition, we also increase delivery reliability. A criterion that has become much more important for many of our customers in times of the Corona, ” explains Böhme.

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